Ballast water management

For The Netherlands Reikon is the exclusive ditributor for Headway Oceanguard. The system uses electrocatalysis, also called AEOP (Advanced Electrocatalysis Oxidation Process).

Headway Oceanguard is a single treatment system, this means the ballast water is only treated during ballasting. The ballast water can be Sea water / Brackish water / Fresh water.

When the ballast mode is selected, the water will first pass a 50 micron filter. After filtration the ballast water will go through the EUT. The EUT uses electro catalysis to kill all the organisms which are left in the ballast water. During the Electro Catalysis process a large amount of Hydroxyl radicals (OH¯) are formed. These Hydroxyl radicals (OH¯) are negatively charged for a short amount of time and during this time they will react with the (micro) organisms and kill them.

If the Salinity of the ballast water is above 3 ppm also a small amount of TRO (Chlorines) is formed. The amount of TRO will be measured by the Monitor Unit, this value will be used by the BWMS to regulate the current for the EUT. The normal TRO value during operation will be between 1.8 ppm and 2.2 ppm. If the Salinity in the water is lower there will be less or no TRO value, the current to the EUT will then be higher to ensure enough Hydroxyl radicals (OH¯) are formed to kill all the organisms. 

When the ballast water is in the ballast tank, the created TRO value of 2.0 ppm (on average) will go down to 0.1 ppm in about 24 hours. 

When the de-ballast mode is selected, the ballast water goes directly overboard, only the TRO value will be measured. If the TRO value exceeds 0.1 ppm the Neutralisation Unit will start automatically and injects “Sodium Thiosulfate Pentahydrate” to neutralise the TRO.


  • CCS & DNV Type approved/IMO Final approval
  • Total power usage for a 300 m3 system: only 7 kW
  • Single treatment
  • Small footprint
  • Suitable for salt and fresh water
  • Low maintenance
  • Ex-proof possible
  • AMS Certified
  • USCG approval expected second quarter 2018

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Ballast Water Manegement

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