For over 30 years, we have been recognized as a specialist in pumps for the maritime sector.

Since 1991, we have been the official importer of Azcue Pumps for the Dutch market. Azcue Pumps, also known as Bombas Azcue, manufactures pumps specifically designed for the machinery rooms of seafaring vessels. With a history dating back to 1910, this North-Spanish manufacturer boasts its own foundry and a state-of-the-art machine park.

Our extensive range of pumps includes centrifugal pumps as well as worm-drive pumps. Whether you need ballast pumps, cooling water pumps, or fuel and grease pumps, Azcue Pumps offers solutions that can fulfill the requirements of almost any ship.

Feel free to browse our current stock of pumps or visit our information page dedicated to Azcue Pumps to learn more.

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