Azcue pumps

Reikon is the official importer of Azcue pumps for the Dutch market. The supply program consists of centrifugal pumps and worm-drive pumps.

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Complete range of Azcue Pumps

Azcue Pumps, also known as Bombas Azcue, is a Spanish manufacturer of pumps for the shipping industry, available worldwide thanks to an extensive network of agents. Azcue pumps are used for various functions aboard ships.

  • Centrifugal pumps: bronze ballast pumps, general service pumps, bilge pumps, cooling water pumps, FIFI pumps, circulation pumps, AC pumps, etc. The pumps can be supplied with either bronze or cast-iron encasing, with bronze fans, vertical, horizontal, mono-block or with clutch;
  • Worm-drive pumps: fuel-transfer pumps (HFO, MDO, MGO, etc.), greasing pumps (luboil pump). These worm-drive pumps work on three worms, of which one is a driven worm. The pumps can, in most cases, be made horizontal as well as vertical.

Spare parts

If you are looking for spare parts, then you’ve come to the right place. For the majority of the Azcue pumps we supply, we also stock spare parts, and in many cases even complete pumps.

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