Gearbox inspection

Gearbox inspections are ideal for preventive maintenance. Avoid large and unexpected cost. The frequency of the gearbox inspections will be determined in consultation with you. The professionals of Reikon recommend an annual gearbox inspection.

Why do an inspection?

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Added value for your insurance policy
  • Classification bureaus
  • Raise the availability of ships
  • Insight into future costs
  • Trend determination and general condition of the diesel engine
  • Purchase inspection
  • Professional advice
  • Reminder service for the annual inspection

What will be inspected?

  • Taking axial and radial clearances of input and output shafts
  • Inspection of flexible coupling between gearbox and motor
  • Visual inspection of treads and gears
  • Control of foundation bolts
  • Control of pollution of lubricating oil
  • Control of pressure and temperature protections
  • Monitoring of switching behavior, pressures, temperatures and oil spills
  • Taking oil samples for analysis

How much does an inspection cost?

  • The price of an annual inspection on one vessel with 1 gearbox costs €230*
  • The price of an annual inspection on one vessel with 2 gearboxes costs €330**

You will receive a report of our findings after the inspection, containing the results of the above checks, the oil sample analysis and our advice. Download the brochure about the gearbox inspection.

* Costs include 4 hours of labour and 50 km travel measured from Spijkenisse (NL)
** Costs include 6 hours of labour and 60 km travel measured from Spijkenisse (NL)

Advice on this service?

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