Since 1991, Reikon has been the importer for Gefico Water Treatment Solutions. Gefico develops and produces water makers and treatment systems for the maritime sector.

Gefico is a Spanish company that has been active in the field of water treatment for 40 years already. Gefico meanwhile supplied over 7,000 installations, for both the maritime sector and for application on land. The Gefico products and solutions are aimed firmly at the wishes of the customer and are built to continue working efficiently under the toughest circumstances.


The Gefico quality management system is certified by DNV Business Assurance, an independent certification agency. Gefico is ISO 9001 certified and has additional certifications to endorse the quality of the products they supply.


Gefico puts a lot of effort into preservation of the environment and tries, in its working methods, to keep any negative impacts minimal. To evidence this in practice, they use a Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA), to measure what the impact is in various stages of production and during the product’s lifecycle.

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